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How Google Analytics 360 bridges the gap across marketing channels

DELVE Experts   
July 9, 2019  3min. read
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Google Analytics 360 functions as the core of Google Marketing Platform. It serves as the power center for audience insight, analysis and activation across all marketing activation tools. Bridging the gap across marketing channels has never been easier as this advanced analytics platform builds a cohesive foundation through powerful data integration capabilities. This platform natively integrates with ad platforms such as Google Ads, Search Ads 360, and Display & Video 360, and has powerful collection APIs to customize data imports from any third-party platform your brand may be using. This integration allows marketers to connect all their marketing data across all channels, both online and off, in a meaningful way in one solitary platform. 

Unlike other analysis solutions, Google Analytics 360 is specifically designed to connect all marketing data while remaining focused on the customer. Having access to customer-first data integration technology helps you understand specific traits of who is engaging with your brand and how. Google Analytics 360 takes it one step further by tying all customer information (specifically audience attributes, engagement touchpoints, on-site and in-app behavior) into a cohesive and singular customer journey. 

By connecting all marketing data in one platform, Google Analytics 360 is then able to help marketers run analysis and reporting across a full view of marketing efforts. Linking customer data in a meaningful way drives stronger marketing performance by providing more accurate and cohesive insights into a marketing program as a whole. This reporting solution helps marketers understand exactly how customers engage with their brand on the path to conversion and helps inform decisions to capitalize on the best performing marketing attributes. 

While Google Analytics 360 is a paid solution, having access to sophisticated data integration makes it a better business investment than the free version of Google Analytics. With Google Analytics 360 you open your business to a more accurate and granular data measurement process, which leads to detailed insights and a more cost-effective marketing strategy.