How Analytics Platform Google Analytics 360 Bridges the Gap Across Marketing Channels

December 12, 2019

Every business needs a robust digital marketing solution, but it can be daunting to decide which solution is the best fit for your organization. While many digital marketing solutions offer more profound insight into the data which drives your marketing strategy, the seamless integration provided by the Google Marketing Platform sets it apart as the top digital marketing solution on the market. And with the power of analytics solution Google Analytics 360, you can access all of the critical data your organization needs to run the most successful campaigns. 

Google Analytics 360 functions at the core of the Google Marketing Platform. It serves as the power center for audience insight, analysis, and data activation. It is an advanced analytics platform that builds a cohesive foundation through powerful data integration capabilities. The result? Businesses find it easier than ever before to bridge the gap between marketing channels. We’ve pulled together the top three ways analytics solution Google Analytics 360 bridges the gap across marketing channels: 

1. Google Analytics 360 holds native integration with ad platforms such as Google Ads, Search Ads 360, and Display & Video 360, and has powerful collection APIs to customize data imports from third-party platforms. The seamless integration allows marketers to connect all their marketing data across online and offline channels, all within one single platform.

2. Google Analytics 360 is specifically designed to connect marketing data while maintaining focus on the customer journey. You can access customer-first data integration technology and understand specific traits of the people who engage with your brand and how they engage with it as well. The reporting solution helps you understand exactly how customers engage with their brand on the path to conversion. Even better, the reporting solution helps inform your decisions so that you can capitalize on the best performing marketing attributes. Analytics solution Google Analytics 360 also has the ability to tie audience attributes, engagement touchpoints, and on-site and in-app behavior into a singular, cohesive, customer journey. 

3. Google Analytics 360 allows your business to run analysis and report across a full view of marketing efforts. Access to one cohesive view of customer data, in a meaningful way, drives stronger marketing performance with more accurate and cohesive insights into your marketing program as a whole. 

While analytics platform Google Analytics 360 is a paid solution, we agree that it is overall a better business investment for your organization compared to the free version of Google Analytics.

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