Google Ads Innovation Storm Watch: Results of New Design Test Revealed

July 11, 2023

This year’s Google Marketing Live made it abundantly clear that an innovation storm is brewing around Google Ads. When this storm hits – with AI at its eye – it is going to entirely disrupt paid search.

If you’re ready to lean into it, this disruption will be a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on new technology before your competitors do. 

To help you be ready, in a series of articles like this one my team and I are going to be discussing updates to Google Ads that you should be aware of to win and keep winning with the platform .

Note that not every new Google Ads feature or update will necessarily be groundbreaking. 

The one we’re covering here, for example, is just that the Google Ads interface is in the process of getting a facelift.

On June 13, the results of Google Ads’ new design test were revealed  

Google Ads announced on March 2 that they were testing new designs for their platform based on user feedback regarding navigation and ease of use. 

The test included two designs that aimed to make it quicker and easier for users to complete tasks. 

Here is a screenshot of the winning design:

Users who were part of the experiment will be moved over to the new design. 

When you are moved over to the new design, you’ll have the option of switching back to the previous design until 2024 to ensure that you have adequate time to get used to the change. 

Moving forward, you can also expect Google Ads to make further tweaks to the design that will:

You can refer to the Google Ads quick reference map to find key pages.

Our recommendation is simply to dive in and get familiar with Google Ads’ new look and feel. 

A good starting point would be to ensure that you know precisely how to navigate to the Performance Max campaign setup page. When Google launches its much-anticipated AI-powered search experience, we believe these campaigns will become your go-to choice for driving paid search performance.