Gerber Life Insurance Increased Policy Retention by 59% at a 32% lower CPA

May 20, 2020

Performing cross channel advertising activity with disparate data sources is complex for any marketer. By executing several projects for one of the insurance industry’s top providers, Gerber Life Insurance Company (GLIC), we can truly say while challenging, it is doable.

As the insurance industry marketing approach evolves to focus on consumers directly, GLIC took the opportunity to also shift its business objectives from a pure product-focused to a more customer-centric strategy. Their goal was to consolidate all disparate data sources into a single place for in-depth customer data analysis to define customer segments that bring in the most revenue. This provides GLIC with the necessary insights to implement a new prospecting strategy; leveraging lookalike audiences to target customer segments similar to their current high-value customers was a more efficient way to increase customer acquisition.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) data integration capabilities allowed DELVE to consolidate GLIC’s disparate data sources through BigQuery. By executing customer data analysis in GCP, DELVE was able to define customer segments that were divided into high and low-value customer clusters. With the cluster analysis for customer segmentation, GLIC discovered their most profitable audience segments and leveraged lookalike modeling for more specific and personalized targeting to drive new cross channel customer acquisition at a lower CPA.

The Goal

The Approach

The Results

Our full case study provides insights into our data-driven approach that powered high-value cross channel customer acquisition at the most efficient CPA for a leading insurance industry organization. Get in touch with the DELVE team today to access the full case study.