5 Media Trends Shaping 2022

April 12, 2022

What advertisers need to know for smart planning in 2022 and beyond

Key trends to help advertisers confidently plan for 2022:

The last two years proved all of the cliches about unpredictability and the accelerating pace of change. But though agility and adaptability are increasingly critical, smart planning remains the foundation for advertisers’ success. So, with cookie deprecation and other major shifts on the horizon, what can we confidently say as we look out over 2022 and beyond? 

Delve recently released our Top 5 Media Trends for 2022 report, pulling together insights from internal experts and innovative thinkers in the industry. Here are the quick highlights:

OTT and CTV leading digital ad surge

Digital advertising will dominate in 2022 — with OTT and CTV leading the charge. With the continued proliferation of streaming services, along with the growing sophistication of OTT and CTV solutions, digital advertising is expected to double linear TV spend in 2022.

Big names jumping into connected commerce

Consumers are clearly loving the convenience of purchasing directly through social platforms. As connected commerce continues rapid growth, some new big names are getting into the game in 2022. Amazon and YouTube introduced connected commerce solutions that fit seamlessly within their user experience — expanding advertisers’ opportunities within these platforms.

Getting ahead of Q4 competition

Advertisers know that Q4 is always the biggest opportunity, complicated by the most intense competition that makes it hard to cut through the noise. Supply chain issues pushed consumers to do their holiday shopping earlier than ever in 2021 — and we expect that trend to continue in 2022. Savvy advertisers are shifting their focus into Q3 — and even into Q2 — to build awareness early and get ahead of the Q4 melee.

Branding media weathers supply chain storms

Those supply chain issues mentioned above aren’t going anywhere in 2022; in fact, experts suggest they may be here to stay. This will make branding media and awareness-focused advertising more important than ever, allowing brands to maintain their connection and build customer relationships — without risking broken product availability promises.

Major changes looming on the horizon

Cookie deprecation is just one of the imminent seismic shifts in the media landscape — trends which may not land in 2022, but undoubtedly demand advertisers’ attention and advance planning. You can get a deeper look at the five key trends advertisers need to know in 2022 — and three major changes with a longer lead time — by reading the full report:

Read the full report

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