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Learn how to execute high performance programmatic campaigns in Display & Video 360 with industry leading training from DELVE

Agencies and Enterprises alike lean on DELVE for Display and Video 360 training
Display & Video 360 Training Moments
The training takes a hands-on and practical approach to the tools in the Display & Video 360 stack.

Participants will leave the training empowered to manage campaigns on their own, including: trafficking in DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM), setting up and managing budgets and campaigns in DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM), or understanding the role of DoubleClick Studio in automating the creative production process.

The training will be adjusted to the skillset of the participants.

The full training curriculum spans 4 days (6 hours per day), and can be conducted in-person or remotely.
Curriculum for the DoubleClick Training

IMPORTANT: Display & Video 360 Training from DELVE is custom designed for your unique needs. DELVE will survey your business beforehand to tailor curriculum to highest value topics.

(Introduction and Theory)
introduction to Programmatic Display: history and theory.
Introduction to the platforms: DoubleClick Campaign Manager, DoubleClick Bid Manager, DoubleClick Studio and DoubleClick Search.
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What questions will it answer?
Introduction to Programmatic
What is programmatic, how did it begin, and how has it evolved? Does programmatic strategy vary vertical to vertical?
Why DoubleClick?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of Display & Video 360 Digital Marketing vs industry competitors?
DoubleClick and the Google stack
How does Display & Video 360 fit into the broader Google technology stack, and what are the benefits of this native integration?
DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM)
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What questions will it answer?
Ad Server and Attribution Platform
Why is unified tracking with an ad server important?
DCM Architecture
What is campaign taxonomy, why is it important, and how do I architect it strongly?
How do I traffick a campaign?
DCM Attribution
How can DCM help me understand the true value of my media campaigns?
DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM)
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What questions will it answer?
Heart of the System
What is a Demand Side Platform and why should I care?
How does DBM integrate with the broader Google technology stack?
How does managing Display in DBM compare to managing Display in AdWords on the Google Display Network?
Google Privileges
What benefits are there to managing Display with DBM, instead of other industry competitors?
DoubleClick Creative Solutions (DCLK Studio)
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What questions will it answer?
What benefits can strong creative bring to my campaign performance and business?
Studio role
What role does Studio play in generating strong creative?
Creative Types
Which creative types is Studio compatible with?
DoubleClick Search
Note: DC Search is not covered in this training, and is covered in separate training sessions
(Foundational Hands On DCM and DBM Training)
DCM (DoubeClick Campaign Manager): Campaign Architecture, Trafficking, Cookie Duration, and more
DBM (DoubleClick Bid Manager): Insertion Order Setup, Budget Definition, Audience Targeting, and more.
DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM)
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What questions will it answer?
How can I structure campaign taxonomy in a way that adequately captures unique business hierarchy across both digital and offline initiatives?
Which site events and dimensions do I need to track to provide exceptional insight into campaign performance?
How do I define KPIs to successfully measure campaign performance across the full marketing funnel?
Creative Architecture
What are best practices for building, trafficking, and managing media across a set of placements, ad groups, and creatives?
Creative Testing
What is A/B/n testing and how can I leverage it to improve ROI?
DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM)
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What questions will it answer?
Campaigns, Insertion Orders, and Line Items: how do these relate and how should I set them up?
What is frequency, why is it important, and what is considered the ideal?
Brand Safety
What is brand safety, why is it important, and how do I ensure it?
What is viewability, why is it important, and how do I manage against it?
How should I manage bidding in DBM?
What is demographic targeting and how can it help improve my campaign performance?
What is pacing, how do I make sure I don't overspend, and how do I optimize efficiently to maximize performance within a set budget?
(Advanced Hands On DBM Training)
DBM (DoubleClick Bid Manager): Budget Management, Bidding Techniques, Frequency and Recency, and more.
DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM), continued
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Last Click Attribution
Which scenarios are appropriate form Last Click Attribution modeling, what are the alternatives, and when are they appropriate?
What is latency, why is it important, and how do I optimize against it?
Programmatic Guaranteed
What is the difference between PMP, PG, and RTB? How can they work together to improve campaign performance?
What is the correct CPM?
Is there an optimal CPM, and how can I find it?
What is TrueView, why is it important, and how can it help me grow my brand?
Custom Intent
What is Custom Intent, why is it important, and how can it help me grow my brand?
Video Performance
What are the unique benefits of Video inventory vs. standard Display banners? Is the increased cost worth the performance?
DoubleClick Suite (DCLK)
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What questions will it answer?
How is billing managed in the DoubleClick Digital Marketing suite?
What role does Google Support play and how can they help ensure my success?
Reporting And Optimization
What reporting options are available to me and how can I leverage them to tell a meaningful story?
What options for testing does the DoubleClick Digital Marketing suite provide and how can I take advantage of these options in a meaningful way?
What is A/B/n testing and how can DCM help me audit my creative strategy?
What is automated bidding and how can it help my business? What is the halo effect, why should I care, and how can I most accurately measure it?
(Expert Training on Bidding, Creative, and Attribution)
Automating Ads with Data Responsive Creative
Attribution Options in the DoubleClick and Google Analytics/360
Managing Offline and Online Marketing Data Cohesively
Data Visualization for Impactful Storytelling
and more.
Advanced (everything)
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What questions will it answer?
Data-Responsive Creatives
What is Data Responsive Creative, why should I care, and how will it help me grow my brand?
Machine Learning in Application to Display
What is Customer Lifetime Value, why should I be optimizing to it, and how can Machine Learning help me get ahead of my competition?
Marketing Media Mix
How can I become more mature with budget allocation, and build a successful cross-channel marketing program that drives prospects through to revenue?
How can I automate my reporting and overlay meaningful visualization to tell an insightful and accurate story in real time?
Meet the Trainers
Greg Sobiech
Founder, Managing Partner
Greg has over 20 years of Digital experience. His experience stems from stints doing Strategy and Analytics at Digitas, or managing Digital at Bath & Body Works. For the last 10 years Greg has been managing Delve, leading the firm across 3 practice areas: Web Analytics (GA/GTM), Programmatic Display (DCLK) and Data Science (Google Cloud).
Darek Piotrak
Chief Technology Officer, Managing Partner, EMEA
Darek is a technology enthusiast with experience gained over 20 years in large scale digital transformation projects for Investment Banks, Energy Trading Companies and other Fortune 500 companies.
He’s certified in Doubleclick Digital Marketing products (Double Click Experts training path) and interested in using advanced technology to provide business benefits in the Digital Marketing space.
Anton Lipkanu
Head of Media
Anton is the passionate Gen X Marketer. Working as the consultant for the verticals from e-Comm to Insurance, his expertise helps brands to grow - and his career to boost. As of now, Anton is heading Client Media Services at DELVE, managing the team towards growing the client’s revenues and DELVE’s value.
Ashton Howe
Head of Strategy
Ashton is the Data-driven marketing strategist with a strong background in marketing analytics, data science, and solutions architecture. Focused expertise in cross-channel attribution modeling, marketing automation, and Google technology. INTJ. Purveyor of all things digital. Cryptocurrency evangelist. Trail runner.
What makes DELVE's DoubleClick Training unique?
DELVE DoubleClick Training guides you through hands-on learning to help you understand the what, the how, and the why behind Programmatic Media management.

A collaborative conversation at the intersection of strategy and tactic, we help attendees understand not only how to traffic, flight, and manage campaigns, but how to think critically about the correct business questions to drive a positive return with your DoubleClick investment.
DoubleClick Training from DELVE is hands on, practical, and tailored to your needs.
Who should attend?
Decision Makers: Understand how Programmatic can help achieve strategic business goals

Marketing Managers: Understand how to best tie Programmatic management through to broader goals

Media Planners and Traders: Brush up on fundamentals and learn advanced techniques to maximize campaign performance
DoubleClick Training from DELVE is structured to be valuable for the whole team
What will I learn at the DoubleClick Training?
Tactical guidance will be contextualized within the broader framework of business strategy. Training will help Decision Makers and Marketing Managers learn how to best leverage DoubleClick to drive business forward, and help Media Managers hit the ground running with planning, trafficking, and managing successful campaigns.
DoubleClick Training from DELVE is designed to enable your team to run successful Programmatic initiatives.
How is the DoubleClick Training conducted?
DELVE DoubleClick Training is offered in person or over video conferencing. Training can be customized for each attending team. Please contact us in advance to discuss adjusting curriculum to specific areas of focus.
DoubleClick Training from DELVE can be delivered either in person or online.
How Long is Training?
We find the most effective time length to turn attendees into DoubleClick experts is four business days. DELVE DoubleClick Training can be customized for each attending team. Please contact us in advance to discuss adjusting curriculum to specific areas of focus.
DoubleClick Training from DELVE is conducted over one business week, either on site or online.