Google Marketing Platform
Executive Education for Marketing or Analytics Leaders.

GMP GMP  Executive Education for Marketing or Analytics Leaders.

Google Marketing Platform consists of
three sets of tools:

Media: to deliver higher RoAS from all of your Media investments

Analytics and Reporting: to enable insights based on users’ on-site browse behavior, and provide intuitive tag management and data visualization

A/B Testing and Consumer Research: to conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis

Who should participate?


This six-hour course on Google Marketing Platform is designed for marketing and analytics leaders or department heads.


What will you learn?

  • After today, you will be able to more effectively manage your analytics and media teams. We’ll show you how you can obtain higher ROI from your investments in Analytics 360, Display & Video 360 and all the tools in the Google Marketing Platform AdTech “stack”.
  • You will see first-hand how best-in-class, fast-growing brands use Google Marketing Platform to outpace their competitors.
  • Throughout the course, we will provide you with tool-specific tips and checklists to help you activate your customer, web, store, or marketing data and power your brand’s revenue.

No matter which tools you have now or are planning to use, we’ll provide a perspective on Google Marketing Platform as an AdTech “stack” that will enable you to outpace competitors. The training will enable you to take concrete action the moment you are back with your analytics and media teams.



Introduction and Background / 30 min total
section 01 /
Chronological history of Google’s acquisitions and innovations leading up to the current “state of the Google stack”

What you will learn:

  • Discover how Google, over the last 22 years, through a series of acquisitions and innovations, built a complete enterprise-grade AdTech stack now called Google Marketing Platform
  • Unique advantages – and weaknesses – of the Google Marketing Platform. For instance, learn how data and audiences flow among the tools in Google Marketing Platform. Find out how Google’s wide digital footprint powers Brands’ ability to target and acquire customers who are your ‘true fans’. Or, learn how to optimize your media mix using Google 360’s machine-learning powered Attribution, etc.
  • Overview to DELVE’s predictions for further evolution of Google Marketing Platform, such as “what is Google thinking about, in order to continue to dominate the AdTech industry”?
30 min
Analytics / 150 min total
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section 02 /
‘System of record’ for all digital activates, and a DMP-light to maximize Marketing RoAS

Quick overview – the role and importance of Web Analytics; who are the main players in the enterprise web analytics space? Pros and cons vs. other solutions?

Key business benefits:

  • Winning against your competition – a ‘guide’ to how Analytics 360 can help you grow faster through data insights and activation
  • Website Insights and Visualization – a ‘check list’ of reports and insights that your brand should be generating from Analytics 360
  • Attribution – benefits of deterministic cross-device Customer Journey; Attribution as a lens to optimize your media mix
  • Audience activation for media – how to identify “best” customers, and avoid marketing to customers who aren’t true fans.
  • Integration with Salesforce or a CRM system – why should you focus on marketing to your true fans and avoid everyone else?

Best practices:

  • a ‘deployment checklist’ for how to ensure that data in Analytics 360 can be trusted by you and your organization for making decisions
  • an ‘integration guide’ for how to connect Analytics 360 to other tools in the Google stack (such as Campaign Manager or Display & Video 360)

Avoiding common mistakes:

  • a list of ‘avoidable mistakes’ to watch out for when implementing or working in Analytics 360, e.g. access controls, maintaining clean data in Analytics 360, etc.

Operationalizing Analytics 360:

  • the role of a Web Analyst in an organization – how to maximize the value from Web Analytics
  • a hypothetical ‘job description’ to use when hiring a Web Analytics ninja, e.g. should a Web Analytics ‘own’ Tag Manager 360 or Data Studio?

Examples from Top Brands – examples of insights or reports that other Brands in your industries or similar industries generate to grow rapidly and maintain their competitive edge

“Selling it in” – a ‘list of benefits’ to present to your management team when making a case for (Google) Analytics 360, and pricing with commercial terms

90 min
section 03 /
Flexible and customizable pixel management, without the need for IT to intervene

Quick overview – why tag management exists; who are the top players in the space? Pros and cons vs other solutions?

Key business benefits:

  • Integration with Analytics 360 – benefits of managing Analytics 360 through Tag Manager 360
  • Site speed – why Tag Manager 360 may increase your website conversion rates and Google Ads rank?
  • No IT – how taking control of your pixels (away from IT) will allow your organization to move faster
  • Media performance – why Tag Manager 360 can ensure that your media buys will never be interrupted and results will be
    reported on correctly

Best practices:

  • a ‘deployment checklist’– how to set up a new instance or clean up your existing Tag Manager 360 instance to maximize value from the tool
  • a ‘deployment guide’– rules for how to publish pixels or tags and ensure that proper quality control standards are applied

Avoiding common errors:

  • a ‘list of avoidable mistakes or warnings’ to watch out for when implementing or working in Tag Manager 360; how not to publish tags, avoid breaking reporting or ensure that pixels aren’t broken

“Selling it in” – pricing with commercial terms

30 min
section 04 /
Powerful data visualization platform, for all levels in your organization

Quick overview – the role of visualization tools. Top visualization solutions and pros/cons of Data Studio vs the competition?

Key Business Benefits:

  • What is “strategic storytelling” – how to turn reports, into engaging and strategic visualizations
  • Integration with GMP – how native integration with the GMP ‘stack’ enables rapid visualization

Best practices:

  • Start to story-tell, and stop reporting – step by step process to create truly engaging visualizations for different audiences in your organization

Avoiding common errors:

  • a ‘list of avoidable mistakes or warnings’ to watch out for when implementing or working in Data Studio, e.g. how not to report on data, how to prototype reports to cut the time to market; how to distribute reports, which graphs to use when, etc.

Examples from Top Brands – examples of visualizations that we love, and why

Operationalizing Data Studio:

  • pros and cons of your Web Analyst ‘owning’ Strategic Storytelling
  • should you use Data Studio, Tableau or another solution – what to consider?

“Selling it in” – pricing with commercial terms

30 min
Media / 135 min total
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section 05 /
Enhanced paid search management for Google Ads or Bing, and a Paid Social ‘data connector’ to Analytics 360

Quick overview – what is it; what other solutions should you be looking at; pros and cons vs other solutions

Key Business Benefits:

  • Improved Search performance – how managing Google Ads, Bing and other engines from one interface leads to higher ROI
  • Ingestion of Social data for better Attribution and Media Allocation – why you should connect Social to Analytics 360 through Search Ads 360
  • Integration with Analytics 360 – benefits of bringing Search and Social data into Analytics 360
  • Audience Management – how Search Ads 360 will identify opportunities in your digital media through frequency controls

Best practices:

  • How to lean on Search Ads 360 to increase the RoAS from your search campaigns
  • How to connect Facebook and Social to Analytics 360
  • See how having Bing, Google Ads and Facebook/Social in D&V360 Audience Center can help you increase your Marketing ROI

Avoiding common errors:

  • a ‘list of avoidable mistakes or warnings’ to watch out for when implementing or working in Search Ads 360


  • how to ensure that your Search team will also care to remember about Audience and Social media benefits

“Selling it in” – business benefits vs pricing, is the trade off worth it?

45 min
section 06 /
Best-in-class Demand Side Platform for Programmatic Display, Video and Native ads. Best practices for managing Programmatic Display with: Campaign Manager for ad serving, Studio for Dynamic Display and Director Mix for Dynamic Video

Quick overview

  • What is D&V360? Pros and cons vs other Demand Side Platforms?
  • What are the 5 modules in D&V360? How do Campaign Manager, Studio, Insights, Audience and the RTB Bidder work together?

Key business benefits:

  • Introduce more people to your Brands – how top of the funnel prospecting campaigns in Display, Video, and Native help Brands grow
  • Retargeting – Criteo vs Display & Video 360, which solution to choose?
  • Integration with Analytics 360 – why seeing impression and cost data from Display & Video 360 in Analytics 360 helps with transparency and performance measurement
  • Creative – drastically lower the costs of creative production
  • Audience Center – why should you care to take advantage of this impressive technology?

Best practices:

  • Prospecting – what parameters should you use when prospecting? How do you know that you are – in fact – prospecting? How to avoid failing in audience prospecting? The role of creative, audiences and bidding in delivering a positive ROI.
  • Retargeting – setting up an infrastructure to enable dynamic retargeting
  • Structuring a campaign for success – what is a winning Campaign, IO and LI setup?
  • Audiences – what 1st and 3rd party audience are available in D&V360?
  • Creative – how can data-driven creative be the difference between success and failure?
  • Bidding – what are the different ways of buying media in D&V360?
  • Tracking with Campaign Manager – how do you track activity from non-Google media properties?

Avoiding common errors:

  • Budget controls – how not to spend $1,000,000 in one hour
  • Post view vs post click – what is a healthy balance? How to read reports.


  • Who on your team should manage Display and Video 360? Should your Search team also manage Display?

“Selling it in” – pricing and terms

90 min
Research and optimisation / 30 min total
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section 07 /
Enterprise-ready website A/B testing solution

Quick overview – the role of Optimize 360; what other solutions should you be evaluating?

Key business benefits:

  • Generate quick insights without the need to lean on IT
  • Conversion optimization

Best practices:

  • How to set up proper expectations
  • How to get started and run your 1st test
  • How to define a test roadmap

Operationalizing Optimize 360

“Selling it in” – pricing and terms

15 min
section 08 /
Customer research platform to generate qualitative insights

Quick overview – the role of Surveys 360

Key business benefits:

  • Why getting closer to the consumer will help you uncover more insights
  • Generate quick insights – there are no wrong questions

Best practices:

  • How to design your 1st vs 2nd survey?
  • How to introduce a culture revolving around the ‘voice of the customer’

Operationalizing Surveys 360

“Selling it in” – pricing and terms

15 min
Advanced Data Science in Google Cloud / 60 min total
section 09 /
Enterprise-ready Marketing Cloud Datamart that gives marketing and analytics full control over your data – without the need for IT to be involved

Quick overview – what are “Marketing Warehouses” and why should you care? Why Google Cloud?

Key business benefits:

  • Outpacing the competition with insights – why having clean integrated data can help you succeed
  • Generating new insights – the value of Data Science
  • Generating non-intuitive insights – how you also can start doing Machine Learning, quickly and cheaply

Best practices:

  • How to get started with Google Cloud for Marketing
  • Examples of analysis generated from Google Cloud

Operationalizing Google Cloud for Marketing:

  • Who do you need on your team to get into Data Science?

“Selling it in” – pricing and terms

60 min
Analytics 360 vs Adobe Analytics / 30 min total
section 10 /
Pros and Cons of selecting Google Marketing Platform vs Adobe Marketing Cloud – a ‘decision tree’ for which platform may be the best fit for your brand organization
  • What is Google Marketing Platform vs Adobe Marketing Cloud – overview
  • Comparison of Analytics 360 vs Adobe Analytics – features, benefits, pricing
  • Considerations when choosing one over the other – how should you go about evaluating which platform is right for your organization?
30 min
Train in-person or remotely?


The Google Marketing Platform training can be conducted remotely or in person.


We have a strong preference for in-person training. We believe that the value of in-person training exceeds the additional cost of such training.

However, when needed, remote training over video can also be conducted, though we ask that the trainees do their best to remain active and ask questions throughout training to maximize the value to their organization.

Why Train with DELVE? Meet the trainers:
Greg Sobiech
Managing Partner
Greg has over 20 years of Digital experience. His experience stems from stints doing Strategy and Analytics at Digitas, or managing Digital at Bath & Body Works. For the last 10 years Greg has been managing Delve, leading the firm across 3 practice areas: Web Analytics (GA/GTM), Programmatic Display (DCLK) and Data Science (Google Cloud).
Derek Piotrak
Chief Technology Officer,
Managing Partner, EMEA
Darek is a technology enthusiast with experience gained over 20 years in large scale digital transformation projects for Investment Banks, Energy Trading Companies and other Fortune 500 companies. He’s certified in Display&Video 360 Digital Marketing products (Display&Video 360 Experts training path) and interested in using advanced technology to provide business benefits in the Digital Marketing space.
Anton Lipkanu
Programmatic Media
Anton is a passionate Gen Z Marketer. Working as a cross-vertical consultant his expertise helps brands grow. He currently manages DELVE's rapidly growing Media Team, helping clients drive hard ROI in the programmatic space.
Ashton Howe
Director, Data Strategy
Ashton is a data-driven marketing strategist with a strong background in marketing analytics, data science, and solutions architecture. Her expertise is focused on cross-channel attribution modeling, marketing automation, and Google technology.
Agencies and Enterprises alike lean on DELVE training:
Director of Online Marketing
Delve recently launched a display advertising campaign for Adorama to help reach new customers. The program has been very successful and that is in large part due to the knowledge and expertise of the Delve team. We’ve now worked with the Delve team on several different initiatives, including GA tracking code implementation, data visualization, and now programmatic display. We highly recommend them!
friedman.abraham | Jul 11, 2018
Extension of my team
I have been working with Delve for over 10 months now, on both DoubleClick Marketing suite integration and Google 360 Suite. Right from initial discussions to planning, scoping and to execution, team at Delve has been very responsive. They completely understood complexity of our multi brand business, customer touch points, migrations, conversions, etc. and helped us to roll out the right structure which supports complete digital marketing activities. It is a pleasure working with them.
Saurabh Khosla | Jun 7, 2018
Knowledgeable & Proactive
It's been a pleasure working with folks at Delve to aid us in enhancing our GA tagging and assist with deploying 3rd party tags in GTM. They took the time to understand our business and marketing objectives; it was evident they were truly invested in our success. They worked quickly, were thorough, and very responsive. They were also proactive; identifying opportunities and recommending solutions based on our business objectives. | Dec 20, 2017
Great Partners
The Delve Team is great. I have been working with them for a year now and have only positive things to say about them. They are very responsive and are experts in GA, GTM. They will work late hours for you, which was great when we had to do a new site launch. Very reliable partners! | Aug 18, 2017
Very Responsive
Delve has proven a great asset in helping our team adjust to taking on web analytics and optimization. We have been pleased with their responsiveness and breadth of knowledge on the entire Google ecosystem from Analytics to BigQuery. | Aug 17, 2017
Expert, helpful partners for analytics support
Having partnered with the Delve team on multiple occasions for clients, I've experienced their expertise, insights and enthusiasm for partnership across different initiatives. They're problem solvers and eager to help find new approaches and solutions, and have helped us uncover important action items to strengthen our programs.
Jane Duncan | Jan 10, 2017
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