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Top 5 Benefits of Google Marketing Platform

DELVE Experts   
June 27, 2019  4min. read
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So, you have an analytics and data solution set up for your business but it’s not providing the insights you want. You know it is time to upgrade to a solution that can help your business grow and not just pull incomplete data reports, but which analytics platform should you choose? Google Marketing Platform not only provides solutions to your business’s pain points, but the benefits also reach beyond your immediate needs making growth that much more possible.

  1. Enterprise analytics solution in Google Analytics 360 (GA360) 

GA360 gives an enterprise level analytics solution that helps marketers see and measure the full picture of their marketing data. Now you might be thinking, ‘doesn’t Google Analytics free do the same thing?’ But the answer would be no, it does not. Google Analytics free is subject to things like monthly hit limits, monthly sampling restrictions, restraints on data exports, along with other limitations that are not part of Google Marketing Platform. GA360 provides a holistic and intuitive view of your marketing data which will help inform a more cost-effective marketing strategy.

  1. Better measurement of all marketing efforts 

Google Marketing Platform is set apart from other, free or paid, marketing analytic solutions mainly due to data quality. With Google Marketing Platform, you know you’re investing in a solution that allows you to centralize your marketing data in real time,   customize the interpretation of that data on the levels you need, and activate that insight directly in your media buying platforms. This seamless data collection, integration, and activation gives your business the tools you need to grow your brand by knowing where to invest more, where to invest less, and how to efficiently scale efforts to acquire new customers.

  1. Insightful understanding of your customers and how they engage with your brand 

Half the battle of efficient and impactful marketing is understanding your customer base and how they view or engage with your business. Google Marketing Platform helps you put the customer first by giving you a full view of customer journey. With customizable measurement and reporting options, you can  target and interpret specific, user-level data sets to better  inform your marketing strategy from a customer-centric perspective. Understanding how, why and when your customers engage with your business’s brand allows you to make better marketing decisions to meet the customer where they are and support their engagement with your brand.

  1. Smarter media buying 

Google Marketing Platform includes powerful tools for analytics, media, and predictive machine-learning insight  so you can better direct your business’s media buying strategy from a forward-looking position. Unlike the free version of Google Analytics, Google Marketing Platform offers advanced measurement and attribution models, like Data Driven Attribution, across a fully-integrated view of marketing efforts:  click-based, view-based, and offline channels. Better measurement means better decision making, and Google Marketing Platform gives your business the insight it needs  to make smarter media purchasing decisions.

  1. Increased marketing efficiency

In the marketing sphere, data is everything. However, marketing data is two-fold. While it is important to have access to even the most granular levels of data, it is equally important to be able to interpret and utilize that data successfully. Google Marketing Platform employs Display and Video 360, Campaign Manager, and Search Ads 360 to support long-term marketing goals. The dedicated resources of Google Marketing Platform help marketers implement, maintain and manage the technical and strategic aspects of your business’s marketing investment.

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