The New Frontier of Attribution with Google

Anton Lipkanu  /  
August 7, 2017

“50% of the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which 50%.”

– John Wanamaker, US Merchant and Founder of Macy’s


For performance marketers, it always comes back to quantifiable efficiency. Be it offline, online, or the ever-increasing array of non-line paths in between: knowing how to measure ROI is the cornerstone of any successful marketing program.


But the first rule of measurement is often the hardest: tracking methodology must yield clean data. “Garbage in, garbage out,” after all.


And tracking user engagement has long been a marketing point of frustration. Even with event-level tracking at the cookie level, what of linear touchpoints? Or multiple browsers and devices?


Collectively, we have made strides. Certainly, admirable ones.

Yet we’re left needing more.


Tiptoeing around data gaps is no way to live.  To do our job correctly, we require better than black-box methodology and out-of-the-box rigidity.


We need an integrated toolset that compiles, analyzes, and activates our data with intuitive, cutting edge technology.

Is that too much to ask?


Not anymore.


Enter: Google Attribution 360


Google will soon be releasing a unified solution for all our media measurement woes (release date TBD). Or, at least, a lot of them.


Google Attribution 360, an enterprise level attribution solution, will allow users to build accurate attribution models on top of the centralized data of their full media efforts. This solution promises to:

→  Simplify data collection across digital, linear, and in-store programs

→  Streamline our view of performance metric

→  Provide media recommendations based on data-driven algorithms

→  Integrate directly with our ad servers and DSPs for programmatic activation


Google Attribution 360: Delve Deeper


Since we at Delve love to help our clients win through data, we are thrilled to have a powerful new tool in our arsenal that integrates with the rest of the stack.


Google Attribution 360 will natively integrate with both the full stack of Google Digital Marketing products (read: Google Analytics 360 Suite, Google AdWords, DoubleClick Suite, BigQuery…) and a plethora of yet-to-be-named 3rd party partners.


It will provide full compatibility for custom data onboarding and offline integration, and – with the extended reach of Google’s login-based ecosystem at our peripheral disposal – will offer deterministic cross device integration we can trust.


Explore your customer journey with model comparison and pathing reports; understand where to spend media budget to increase ROI; understand the impact of TV campaigns on web traffic and search queries; upload reference business data and define custom fields for enhanced analysis.


Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the native integrations with 1st and 3rdparty technology flow both ways: Google Attribution 360 will port attributed metrics back into media buying platforms, so you can optimize cross channel against a single set of trustworthy measurements.


Clean and actionable data? Check. Quantifiable efficiency? Check.


Additionally, product pricing will follow Google’s standard freemium model: a tier 1 option offered as a free version, ‘Google Attribution’; and a tier 2 option offered as an enterprise-level solution, ‘Google Attribution 360’.


Are you excited yet? Because we are.



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