How to Lose 4% of Annual Revenue by Ignoring GDPR
Susan Esparza
February 21, 2018
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As you have most likely heard, on May 25th, the new General Data Policy Regulation, or GDPR, will be taking effect in the European Union. GDPR primarily focuses on the rights of EU citizens to control how their data is used online and how companies must manage that privacy.

GDPR protects any person in the EU, or anyone interacting with an EU-based brand. For brands, that means you must comply with GDPR regulations when marketing or selling to any such person, even if your business is based entirely outside of the EU. While there are some businesses for whom GDPR does not apply, given the complexity of the law and the stiff penalties for failure, it is better to assume that you may be affected than to receive a nasty surprise down the line when one of your best customers moves to Italy and still wants your premium blue widgets.