Improved Attribution: Custom Channels using Google Analytics 360
Andy Semenihin
January 31, 2018
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Optimal budget allocation is one the most important requirements for a successful marketing program. Clear understanding of how your channels work in combination allows for making weighed decisions in budget allocation. CMOs are reporting that their marketing budgets are being cut if they can’t prove ROAS, making attribution more important than ever as part of your digital marketing solution.

Google Analytics 360 provides you with a standardized basic grouping of channels which, in most cases, works fine. However, the default behavior is not adjusted to the specific business needs of your organization and may become less accurate as your tactics and sources of traffic grow. Default grouping in this case may simply not work for your organization’s advanced analytics purposes. On average, 3-10% of traffic is attributed incorrectly or lost in ‘Other’ channel.
Model This: Baseline Attribution Modeling in Google Analytics
Ashton Howe
November 1, 2017
Baseline attribution in Google Analytics provides a basic tool set to understand how your marketing channels are impacting your bottom line.
6 Ways to Use Attribution Modeling in the Google Digital Marketing Stack
Ashton Howe
The Google Digital Marketing stack gives you the dexterity required to customize your attribution program to specific business goals.
The New Frontier of Attribution with Google
Anton Lipkanu
August 7, 2017
Google will soon be releasing a unified solution for all our media measurement woes. Or, at least, a lot of them.
Google Attribution 360, an enterprise level attribution solution, will allow users to build accurate attribution models on top of the centralized data of their full media efforts. Here we take a look at the early capabilities and benefits.