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Staying in the Micro-Moment with Data Responsive Creative

Susan Esparza   
April 19, 2018  
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The reach of a single ad is greater today than it has ever been.  Once, a print ad in a shop window would have reached hundreds, maybe thousands of people. Later, radio and TV ads would reach hundreds of thousands, then millions. Today, it’s possible for a single ad to touch billions of people.

But as the ability to reach people grows larger, we as marketers are challenged to do the opposite – not to reach as many people as possible with one ad, but to use technology to reach each person with the right ad.

Dynamic creative and data driven creatives are often discussed in the same breath but they are not the same thing.

Dynamic creative is the process of customizing ads in real time by pulling together creative images and messaging on the fly when an ad is requested by the server. Dynamic creative can accomplish something as simple as making sure communicated sales prices and discounts are up to date.

Data-driven creative is the process of customizing ads to align messaging with a user’s specific interests, based on actual or inferred data signals. Data-driven creative is the act of using audience information to inform creative messaging.

Each addresses a specific need, but neither alone guarantees optimal performance. What does drive optimal performance is the strategic combination of both, keeping focus on making sure you’re serving the right ad with the right messaging to the right individual at the right time.

Enter: Data Responsive Creative.


Perfect Pasta Sauce

In his TED Talk, Malcolm Gladwell discusses the work of Dr. Howard R. Moskowitz with Campbell’s Soup on their Prego pasta sauce line. In the mid 1980s, Prego came to Dr. Moskowitz hoping he could help them compete with Ragu – the market leader at the time. They wanted Dr. Moskowitz to create the perfect pasta sauce, one that would appeal perfectly to every single pasta-loving person in the world.

Dr. Moskowitz did a great deal of research, traveled the country interviewing focus groups and having them eat lots and lots of pasta with different sauces. And what he discovered is that there is no such thing as the perfect sauce.

There are only perfect sauces depending on individual taste.

Some people like smooth sauce, some like spicy. Some people like chunky, some creamy. Trying to sell one sauce to everyone was never going to work. So Prego diversified and began to produce multiple sauces.

Smart marketers are active about researching their audiences. They know who converts well, who does not and how to appeal to those people. And yet, in many cases, while a marketer may have their team target audiences, they don’t build the ads for the audience.  It’s the same ad, no matter what the person seeing it cares about.

They’re trying to sell the perfect pasta sauce.

But Data Responsive Creative gives marketers the ability to craft the perfect sauce for each potential customer. Programmatic advertising accounts for 67% of all digital display ads and data-driven creative is the powerhouse behind programmatic. By leveraging the additional power of dynamic technology to bring to market a Data Responsive Creative strategy, a brand can also deliver the uniquely perfect ad to the unique person.

This level of customization not only facilitates a more genuine conversation with your customers, but also measurably influences your bottom line., for example, saw a 20%+ increase in year over year revenue after pivoting to Data Responsive Creative. And McDonald’s Japan saw a 150% increase in coupon usage by pivoting their creative strategy to Data Responsive.

The days of one size fits most marketing are behind us. If you’re not already building your ad elements with an eye to remixing into the perfect ad, now is a great time to start.

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