Salesforce Integration with Google Analytics 360

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March 28, 2018
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It finally happened! Connecting the online and offline has never been so real. Google Analytics 360 and Salesforce will now work together to connect the sales, advertising and marketing data. Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud will be now integrated with Google Analytics 360 to deliver the fullest customer journey. The first tier of Sales Cloud integration is now live while more functionality will gradually arrive in the first half of 2018.

How does it work?

The tools will now share data for activation and campaign optimization:

– Sales data from Sales Cloud will be available in GA360 for attribution, bid optimization and audience creation

– Data from GA360 will be visible in the Marketing Cloud for optimization of campaign performance

– Audiences from GA360 will be available in Marketing Cloud for activation via direct marketing channels

– Customer interactions from Marketing Cloud will be available in GA360 for use in the audiences


Not only does this integration of Google Analytics 360 and Salesforce CRM give you the possibility to activate your first-party data but it also opens the full customer journey. The extended funnel will now provide even more granular data about the steps on which you interact with your customer – from awareness to sales and, finally, retention. Your custom site conversion funnel will be now merged with the pipeline data from the Sales Cloud.


The new value

With the new connection the offline conversions could be now added to your attribution modelling when using Google Attribution 360 which will become another reason to give up the standard last-click methodology. At the same time GA360 data shared with the Marketing Cloud will give more details about the behavioral results of your marketing campaigns.

The new integration is supposed to enrich your GA360 Audiences with more data for bid optimization and provide more insights in who your customer is. Finally, the offline data can be now truly activated in AdWords and DoubleClick.

Delve team can help you integrate Salesforce and Google Analytics 360.

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