Digital Account Manager or Director, Analytics and Media

Industry: Management Consulting, Digital

Company: DELVE (               |      Location: Boulder, CO

Position Title: Digital Account Manager or Director    |      Salary: $85,000 to 120,000+ (experience based)

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About us:

Delve is a #1-rated Google Analytics and DoubleClick Partner. We provide clients who have strong online presence, with the process, people and technology to equip them to win and grow their digital sales. We are looking for experienced Digital Account Managers/ Directors.

To learn more about Delve, please refer to reviews from over 30 Delve customers on our Google Partner Page:


Position Description: Digital Account Manager or Director, Analytics and Media



  • Project Management – from defining/clarifying next steps after every client phone call/meeting, to owning project Notes, to ensuring that every week necessary progress is made for the client to know and feel that we are managing their business with excellence
  • Being a liaison to internal and external stakeholders to ensure that in the context of deliverables/tasks, there is no confusion about who/what/when
  • Managing client expectations, objectives, and timelines – orchestrating internal resources with clarity and as much as possible seamless authority
  • Recognizing obvious and potential conflicts and roadblocks that can jeopardize the project; notifying senior management about any such potential risks; suggesting and identifying solutions to mitigate risks (internally and externally)
  •  Inherently taking ownership over projects, taking full accountability for managed projects, owning up to successes and failures
  • Acting as a resource to team members in assessing ideas and direction
  • Facilitating their own and other’s ideas from development to presentation to execution
  • Growing, inspiring and developing a career plan for reports and junior staff

PHILOSOPHY, Client Success

  • Understanding the essential dynamics, strategies and drivers of the client’s business; understanding why the clients is growing and the bigger competitive environment
  • Shaping and driving direction and activity on a given piece of business; recognizes and advances big ideas
  • Ensuring overall quality of work delivered by Delve, driving insight with “honest data”;
  • Understanding (overtime) what makes Delve unique, embracing “delve deeper with data”, agreeing with a living our mantra that Analytics for the sake of analytics is useless; we are here to help the client succeed by taking them on a ‘data journey’ where we see ourselves as stewards of the “objective truth” around the client’s analytics and business metrics. Belief that the journey will lead to better performance/ROI, that ROI is the outcome, but not the explicit “goal”.

PROCESS, Analytics and Marketing

  • Proven ability to manage (complex) digital marketing programs; from defining objectives, to defining tasks, tools, results measurement and ongoing management
  • Analytics – proved ability to read and analyze data, whether in the context of web, customer or marketing analytics
  • Media – comfort with budgets, understanding of the process to turn an idea into reality of optimized ROI for a marketing project

TECHNOLOGY, Digital Marketing and Analytics:

  • Optimally, good understanding of Analytics platforms, such as Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager
  • Understanding of Customer data and basic marketing concepts around customer data, such as PII, life time value, recency, lift in sales, etc.
  • Understanding of Digital media buying platforms, such as AdWords, Facebook, DoubleClick or any ad-server/demand side platform technology
  • IMPORTANT – excellent ability to analyze any report or data output, ask questions helping clarify what the ‘report’ means, what it does not mean/tell us, what story does it paint, what overarching strategic narrative that the company is working on delivering right now does that report fit into, what are the weaknesses and valuable insights from that report – and ability to communicate any such report or data to a client in a way that the client can easily relate to their business

7+ years of digital account management experience required with familiarity in all aspects of digital advertising including: digital analytics, customer analytics & paid search, paid display, and paid social. Understanding and exposure to digital attribution are not required but very helpful.

  • Demonstrated solid senior-level client experience and ability to navigate complex client organizations required
  • Proven track record of leading major accounts and exceptional client service skills
  • Needs to be comfortable with ambiguity at times (both with clients and internally), be able to demonstrate flexibility and creative problem solving
  • Needs to be a team player, friendly, easy to work with. Needs to be able to handle many different personalities both internally and externally
  • Needs to have had experience in digital planning, and ability to articulate examples of strategic recommendations they’ve provided, or sold in to clients
  • Must be results oriented — able to drive the process forward and quickly problem solve within the agency and clients to deliver campaigns against strategy to drive the best results
  • Led and helped develop value-add practices and processes to share with clients
  • Proven ability to independently manage multiple priorities in a fast paced and deadline driven environment
  • Ability to work effectively and proactively within a team setting goals and clear roles and responsibilities
  • Strong management skills to help identify and grow junior talent
  • Optimally, ability in successfully managing agency retainers and revenue forecasting
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