Must-Read Links for Friday, Feb 2

Susan Esparza  /  
February 2, 2018
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Ad control, privacy concerns, new ad formats and places to talk about all of those things. As we enter February, it’s time to get real about the state of ads in 2018.

Google adds a setting to allow users to control remarketing ads (Google calls them Reminder Ads.)  My experience is that people are not going to bother with these controls and stick with broader ad blocking products. Feel free to tell me I’m wrong!

Facebook announced slipping engagement metrics. Many are asking if it’s really all due to the “more family and friends, less news” shift the way that Facebook claims, given that engagement numbers were already slipping.  Bloomberg points out what Facebook is getting more and more aggressive about trying to bring users back to the platform.

Speaking of Facebook, heads up! Instagram is getting new “carousel” ads. Three ads to a Story instead of just one.

Forbes has a long list of Marketing Conferences you may want to check out this year. Too bad about that 8 page / 2-4 recommendations per page format.  What are your can’t miss conferences? Tell me on our social media channels.

And to wrap it all up, a nice wrap-up of 9 GDPR myths and misconceptions from MarTech today. If you’re left asking what you’re supposed to do about GDPR, don’t worry, we’ll be catching all that up in the coming month. Keep your eyes peeled and go ahead and subscribe to our blog updates (or follow us on our socials.)

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