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Model This: Display Attribution Modeling in DoubleClick Campaign Manager

Ashton Howe   
November 2, 2017  
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The Google Digital Marketing (GDM) stack is a powerful tool for marketing leaders who need to deeply understand their customer environment. To help you decide which attribution model will give you the best understanding of your data, we’re looking at six ways – from the basic to the beta – that your team can delve deeper into customer insights via attribution modeling.

Display Attribution Modeling in DoubleClick Campaign Manager

Baseline and custom attribution modeling work well for businesses that are just beginning to understand how people interact with their site. But what if understanding impression value is your primary concern, especially within the context of your full paid marketing mix?

Centralizing all view and click-based media in a single ad server like DoubleClick Campaign Manager will provide you with a consistent data repository for media measurement. This process de-duplicates conversions across your multiple advertising platforms, generates a single source of truth for metric volume, and – in addition to allowing you to apply many of the same attribution models from Google Analytics (Last Touch, First Touch, Linear, Time Decay, Position Based) – provides additional modeling capabilities with:

  • Floodlight Based Attribution Model: Assigns 100% of conversion credit to the last click in the conversion path. If there was no click in the conversion path, it assigns 100% of conversion credit to the last impression.
  • Social Based Attribution Model: Assigns partial conversion credit across all touchpoints, with impressions weighted to account for social interactions.

Using one of DoubleClick Campaign Manager’s baseline attribution models is a great solution if you’re looking for basic, pre-built attribution modeling for view-based channels. Like the baseline models in Google Analytics, these models are designed to cover the most common use cases and should give you and your team an initial understanding of impression data related to your paid marketing. 

Next time, we look at how Google Analytics 360 can make your attribution more data-driven.

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