Model This: Custom Attribution Modeling in Google Analytics 360 + DoubleClick Suite + BigQuery

Ashton Howe  /  
November 3, 2017

The Google Digital Marketing (GDM) stack is a powerful tool for marketing leaders who need to deeply understand their customer environment. To help you decide which attribution model will give you the best understanding of your data, we’re looking at six ways – from the basic to the beta – that your team can delve deeper into customer insights via attribution modeling.


Custom Attribution Modeling in Google Analytics 360 + DoubleClick Suite + BigQuery


Over the last several posts, we’ve discussed baseline attribution using free tools and built up to more sophisticated versions using enterprise level insights. But what if you’d like to take customized action against the full view of marketing events? What if you need to bridge the gap between paid and organic, owned and earned media, and need to ensure your solution accounts aptly for undulating, cross channel, multi device customer journey? What if you have onboarding needs for CRM, email, DMP, or offline transactional data? In order to get the most complete look at your data, you need the most complete integration of tools.


The integration between Google Analytics 360, the DoubleClick Suite, and Google BigQuery provides you with a toolset to merge event-level site, media, conversion, audience, and offline data into a centralized cloud-based warehouse. Additionally, you can natively integrate event- level data from your other Google products directly (AdWords, YouTube, etc.), and layer in peripheral metadata at the user level to complete a unified view of both marketing and audience.


Once data is centralized, build a (or multiple) custom algorithm(s) to deploy programmatically. The largest benefit: you can build a customized, cutting edge attribution program you’re able to fine tune, while retaining the analytical elasticity to pivot toward new perspectives as they emerge. And with the upcoming 2018 release of Google’s Ads Data Hub, you’ll be able to incorporate cross device measurement natively across all Google media impressions, providing you with the cookieless measurement you need to optimize to the user-centric experience.

For now, we’ve reached the end of what’s currently possible. But our series isn’t complete. Next week, we’ll take a look into the future of attribution modeling with Google’s new venture: Attribution 360.


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