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How To Garner 6 Figure Insights From Your Doubleclick Campaign Manager ad server

July 1, 2016  
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Do you use a FitBit to unlock health insights, to measure your fitness, learn the cycle of your body, and set goals to improve your overall quality life? Now answer the simple questions are you doing the same thing for your digital marketing campaigns?

If your answer is no, ask why? Is saving money, achieving goals and improvement not a priority? An ad server—such as DoubleClick Campaign Manager, which is the most widely adopted and trusted ad server—offers a way a refined way to track performance, deliver the right message to your target audience, as well as help you determine what’s working and why. An ad server is the nervous system of your digital marketing efforts and is of the utmost importance!

If you answered yes, congratulations! You are amongst those that are going to continue to exceed marketing goals and reach the best prospects. To further your growth, here are best practices that will allow you to garner six figure insight from your ad server:

  1. Unification for ease of analysis. Running all of your digital media through DCM allows you to have a single source of truth. All media types and formats should be run through and at the very least tagged so that your adserver is able to collect data.
  2. Identify overlap. Conduct and overlap analysis, via report builder within DCM. Setting up and running a cross-dimension reach report will allow you to identify overlap between media partners, thus allowing you to determine which partners are the most effective at reaching your target audience. Reduction of overlap, allows you to reduce spend, reallocate spend to other partners or spend money on reaching other target consumers who have not yet been exposed to your message.
  3. Evaluate frequency. How many times have your reached the same prospect with the same message? Imagine if someone at a cocktail party came up to you four times in an hour and said, “hi my name is Joe”. Annoying, waste of resources, and not effective, right? Having a high or excessive frequency within your media campaign is the same result. Running a frequency report in DCM by media partner allows you to evaluate how often your media partners are reaching the same prospect. This will allow you to determine if any partners are bombarding your potential consumer with ads. This data can also be used to set an ideal frequency threshold.
  4. Determine top performers. Who are my media partners that fall in the rockstars, and rising star category? DCM allows you to determine which partners and media types are driving the most conversions or desired actions.
  5. Verify the viewability rate. Active View reporting within DCM, which follows the same definition for viewability as the MRC, identifies the amount of impressions that were viewable. This can then be used to calculate a viewability rate. Having a low viewability rate means you are wasting money on impressions that are never seen by your target audience. Know your rate and set a standard.
  6. Know the path to conversion. Where is my target audience most receptable to receiving my message? What ads have the highest conversion rate? Within DCM’s powerful attribution reporting tool you can answer these questions! Simply set up and run a path to conversion report. You will learn which types of ads drive conversion, as well as, where and how your target was exposed to your message leading up to the conversion. Now that know what drives performance you can optimize to spend more time and resources on what’s working.

Smart marketers take advantage of ad server insights to maximize the bang of every buck. Be one of them!

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