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Google Retains Position as AdTech Leader: Thoughts from the Next Conference

Greg Sobiech   
June 7, 2017  
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Google is committed to dominating the AdTech space by offering a fully-integrated marketing platform. With a clear shift away from legacy cookie-based measurement, consumer-based marketing comes into focus with Google’s cutting edge solutions for Media Activation, In-Store Measurement, and Attribution.

Media Activation

Media Activation against Non-Clicked Search Terms

Using DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM), advertisers will now have the ability to create custom DBM audiences based on specific phrases (search queries) that consumers type into This new product will allow for greater precision in media activation by tightening display targeting on DBM to consumers who are actively searching across relevant, in-market terms.

Media Activation against Consumer Life Events

Using YouTube in DBM, advertisers will now have the ability to create custom DBM audiences based on Google’s consolidation of consumer-level behavioral patterns into actionable Life Events segments. This new product will allow advertisers to reach consumers during pivotal life moments (e.g. marriage, a move, graduation), providing the unmatched opportunity to deliver pertinent brand messaging at the most relevant time.


These improvements in DBM audiences demonstrate Google’s continued drive to differentiate DBM from competing DSPs. Through the power of machine learning technology, Google leverages their abundance of consumer-level data to bring smarter cross-device audience targeting to its advertisers.

In-Store Measurement

1 st Party Data Onboarding

Using Google Ads Non-Line* Assistance, advertisers will now have the ability to import 1 st party offline transactional data directly into AdWords and DoubleClick, and leverage it against their Search and Shopping campaigns. This new product will allow advertisers to see their 1 st party in-store metrics – like retail sales and revenue – directly in Google Ads, at the device and digital campaign level.

Native 3 rd Party Data Integration

Using Google Ads Non-Line* Assistance, advertisers will now have the ability to view in-store sales data natively, without 1 st party customer relationship management (CRM) integration. This new product will allow advertisers to take advantage of Google’s expansive partnership with 3 rd party credit and debit card companies (a partnership spanning, collectively, 70% of all credit and debit transactions) by integrating directly with 3 rd party transactional data – no additional configuration required.


These new features in Google Ads demonstrate Google’s move toward an integrated online-to- offline marketing experience. Per a data-driven approach based on the intersection of digital and in-store consumer behavior, Google offers insight into digital media performance through a lens agnostic to point of purchase.

*’Non-Line’ is Google’s branding for the offline experience, which they view as intricately entwined with online behavior. An example of ‘Non-Line Behavior’ would be a consumer researching products on mobile while standing in store.


Single View of Path to Purchase

Using Attribution and Attribution 360**, advertisers will now have the ability to understand digital marketing performance in an integrated fashion, from a multi-channel, cross-device perspective. This new product will aggregate consumer media touchpoints into a single, consumer-centric path to conversion. By leveraging machine learning technology at scale, Attribution and Attribution 360 will distribute fractional conversion credit across all media touchpoints, providing advertisers with a cohesive answer to: “Is my marketing working?”

Activation of Attributed Conversion Data

Using Attribution 360, advertisers will now have the ability to pass their attributed metrics directly into AdWords and DoubleClick Search, with a native integration that can be configured in only a few clicks. This new feature will allow advertisers to leverage Attribution 360 conversion data directly in their marketing platforms, creating attributed data that not only provides a more accurate view of business performance, but is immediately actionable.


This new Attribution offering demonstrates Google’s commitment to providing a device-agnostic, multi-channel solution for more accurate data activation. Through innovation honed at the consumer level, Attribution will provide a cohesive platform for powerful media optimization, helping advertisers leverage a 360-degree marketing view to improve both media efficiency and efficacy.

**Attribution will be available for free to all Google clients. Attribution 360 is an enterprise-level solution available at an additional cost. Closed beta currently scheduled to be opened in Q1 2018.

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