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Google Digital Marketing Wins Against Adobe Marketing Cloud

Greg Sobiech   
August 15, 2017  
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Native integration and forward-thinking solutioning positions the Google Digital Marketing (GDM) stack as a strong competitor against veteran marketing suite Adobe Marketing Cloud (AMC). Here’s how:

Audience Actionability and Customized Modeling

As a company grounded in data and artificial intelligence, Google has proven itself a clear market leader in the adtech space. Among its list of successful developments and acquisitions:

  • AdWords #1 platform in paid search
  • YouTube #1 platform in video
  • DoubleClick #1 platform in display
  • Google Analytics #1 platform in web analytics

In addition to these successes, the ownership of Gmail — the largest user recognition ecosystem in the space — allows advertisers to activate Google’s adtech stack against powerful consumer-centric data.

Conversely, Adobe is a company whose success is historically rooted in Creative offerings. Much smaller overall ($5.8 billion in 2016 revenue vs. Google’s $90.2 billion), Adobe has made a very strong showing with its AMC product. However, in the realm of data-driven marketing, there are a few key areas we expect GDM outshine AMC:

Actionable Audiences Made Simple

Historically, Adobe has been revered for its “actionable analysis of audience trends and behaviors across channels and applications.” To this accolade, though, Google has responded with laser focus by developing a consumer-centric cloud model.

Robust feature updates to both the Google Analytics 360 and DoubleClick Suites have launched GDM into the lead for intelligent audience targeting with:

  • Complete Audience Management in Audience Center 360
  • Deterministic Cross Device Remarketing in Google Analytics 360 and DoubleClick Suite
  • Search Query Based Audiences in DoubleClick
  • Proximity Targeting in AdWords
  • Consumer Patterns and Life Stages Targeting in YouTube
  • Programmatic Guaranteed with Audience Lists in DoubleClick Bid Manager
  • Machine Learning Integration

Be it 1st, 2nd, or 3rd party data integration and actionability, Google’s made a clear move into actionable audiences with these updates. And when integrated technology isn’t enough, Google further subsidizes audience intelligence with its own data footprint: 1 billion active users on YouTube, 1 billion active users on Gmail, and 1.7 billion active users on Google Search, and Google Analytics integration across 54% of all websites. As a repository for consumer and audience data, Google’s technology is unmatched.

And for the more tech savvy advertisers, Google’s full stack integration with BigQuery allows you to train your own audience algorithms, in the event that the complete suite of audience offerings doesn’t address your more nuanced business needs. Enhance audience definition and targeting programmatically, through fully customizeable Machine Learning.

Actionable Data for Increased ROI

The native connection to BigQuery may be one of the most exciting revolutions in the Google Digital Marketing stack. The BigQuery integration automatically pushes unsampled click stream logs directly into BigQuery tables, creating a streamlined opportunity for advertisers to leverage predictive analytics against event and user data. It’s a fast, scalable data solution that offers a fully managed analytics solution in the cloud.

Additionally, BigQuery can be used to take data source standardization a step further. By offering a centralized warehousing solution for all Google Analytics, DoubleClick, AdWords, and external data sets (CRM, point of sale, etc.), BigQuery provides advertisers with an intuitive database solution that integrates directly with Google advertising platforms.

And while clean and centralized data is one of the most important steps to leveraging Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics technologies for increased ROI, so is the flexibility for advertisers to create KPI-specific models that address real business challenges. BigQuery on the Google Cloud Console offers this full flexibility, and then syncs results back to integrated Google platforms for planning and optimization purposes.


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