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Google Analytics 360 Suite – from Insight to Impact, Faster

Greg Sobiech   
March 15, 2016  
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Google announced today the release of the “Google Analytics 360 Suite”.


Google Analytics 360 Suite

The Suite includes the following products:
– Analytics 360 (Google Analytics Premium): Positioned as a method to analyzing your first-party website data and enabling digital-only attribution.
– Attribution 360 (Adometry): For large organizations with big offline budgets.
– Optimize 360: Site testing and personalization.
– Audience 360 (NEW): A demand-side platform (DMP) which will work with first-party Google data and other third-party platform data.
– Studio 360 (NEW): Visualization, to share data with your organization.
– Tag Manager 360 (Google Analytics Premium): Data collection.
If you are a GA Premium customer, think of Analytics360 as simply a re-branding. You will not see any differences in your account for the time being. No switches are being flipped for existing Delve customers.
The rollout of the complete Suite will take place over the next 12 months. Bottom line is the new tools that come with Suite, such as the Audience Center, will help you go from insight to impact, faster.
Google Analytics Standard and Google Tag Manager will continue to be free and will keep their names as well.”
Google Analytics Standard, and Google Tag Manager will continue to be free, and will continue to be called “Google Analytics” and “Google Tag Manager”.
Below are highlights around each of the products in the new Suite:

Analytics 360 (formerly GA Premium)
a) Ability to discover target segments
– First-party site data
– Mobile-app data
– Offline transactions
– CRM/loyalty data
b) Ability to share segments across products
– DBM for retargeting
– Audience Center 360
– Optimize 360

Audience 360 (Data-Management Platform, NEW)
a) Enrich first-party data
– Google audience data, especially the Doubleclick platform, i.e. ability to export segments from Analytics 360 to DoubleClick Bid Manager for better retargeting and prospecting
– Ingest second- and third-party sources
b) Create lookalike audiences
c) Publish IDs
– To Ad Platforms for retargeting/prospecting
– To Optimize 360

Audience 360 data can be ingested by:
– AdWords remarketing
– DoubleClick Bid Manager
– Third-party ad platforms
– Third-party email and messaging

Optimize 360
– Test about anything: offers/layouts
– Make smarter/faster UX decisions
– Personalize site experience
Attribution 360 (formerly Adometry)
– Compile data across channels and devices: views and clicks, cost, online and offline conversion
– Model peformance: channel/sub-channel; campaign, audience
– Publish results: search and programmatic

Data Studio 360 [NEW]
a) Connect the data
– Access to all Analytics 360 Suite data
– Connects to AdWords and DoubleClick data
– Add external data sources
b) Collaborate and share reports with stakeholders

Tag Manager 360 [NEW, updated GTM]
A more powerful/enterprise version of GTM.
Please reach out to your account manager at Delve if you have immediate questions about the implications of the GA Suite360 on your Google product.

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