Friday Must-Reads for Thanksgiving Week

Susan Esparza  /  
November 24, 2017

The best deal of Black Friday is right here: four must-read articles. This time, we’re dipping into programmatic, last-minute shopping engagement and purchase intent.


  1. From MarketingTechNews: “Last year, an outstanding £2.71 billion was spent on programmatic display campaigns, according to the IAB’s latest digital ad spend report – that’s 72% of the UK’s £3.8 billion display ad pie. And by 2019, up to 90% of all UK digital display advertising is expected to be traded programmatically.”


  1. From AdExchanger: “Ad agency Zenith predicts that advertisers will spend $5.6 billion on programmatic ad buys on TV, radio, cinema and out of home this year. They also predict that by 2019, 67% of global digital media will be bought and sold programmatically.”


It’s time to figure out how programmatic fits into your media budget, before you’re left behind.


  1. From MarketingLand: How to engage last minute shoppers. Includes tips and reminders about things that you already know but may have forgotten to activate.


This is the most valuable data you’ll get all year. Pay attention.


  1. From AdAge: Toby McKenna of Bazaarvoice argues that we need to rethink how we define purchase intent. That means being honest about our data.


Happy Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, everyone!