Friday Must-Read Links: Back from Vacation Edition

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January 12, 2018
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Happy new year and happy holidays! We’ve been away taking care of business and family and now we’re energized to begin 2018 with a bang. This week, we’re talking programmatic, ad blocking and those darn millennials.

Here are the links you must read this week.

  1. How to Fail with Programmatic in 2018

Delve’s own Alex Smith covers his take on why programmatic is just so darn impossible. Unless you actually put in the effort to do it right, in which case, it’s gold.

2 & 3. The Ad-Blockers are only getting stronger

Google is set to launch their Better Ads Experience Program in February. Apple has already made it more difficult to track users in Safari and it’s having a real impact. (See that programmatic link up there? Yeah, that’s going to be even more important if you want the right ads to reach the right people.)

  1. Technically, you don’t have to read this one, but you should know the stats: Millennials and Gen Z (that’s everyone under 35) spend 6 hours on their cell phones daily, don’t have cable and are still huge on social media. They also claim not to hold any brand loyalty. That’s an opportunity to grab hearts and minds.
  2. Facebook talks video ads and MarketingLand breaks it down. With more and more video being consumed, every day, it’s worth knowing your options if you go the Facebook route.

That’s it for us! See you on the slopes!

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