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Building for Your Best Audience Using Google Cloud Platform

Ben Bodek   
January 24, 2018  
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Meet Bob.

Bob is one of your regular customers. He’s a frequent, high value converter and extremely loyal to your brand.  In short, Bob is the best. You want more Bobs.

But how do you win business from more customers with Bob’s loyalty and buying tendencies? For a start, you need to know things like:

  • Where did Bob come from? What media channels initially brought Bob to your website? What media channels continue to bring Bob back? With this information you can allocate more budget to the media channels most efficiently driving high value customers to your site.
  • How does Bob interact with your brand? What pages does he frequent on your website, what videos does he watch, what posts does he read? This helps you identify the content on your website that creates and retains loyal, high value customers.
  • What’s special about Bob? We know he’s the best, but what specific characteristics does Bob share with your other top customers? Homing in your advertising on audiences with similar traits can help you drive more top customers to your company.

The powerful combination of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with DoubleClick Manager (DCM) and Google Analytics 360 (GA 360) allows you to tackle these complex questions.

What media channels drive valuable customers to your brand?

The free version of Google Analytics offers attribution models that provide useful insight into which channels drive conversions. However, since data in GA is anonymized, you must go one step further to identify the channels that attract your best customers.

With GA 360, you can easily export all your website traffic and GA/DCM attribution data to Google Cloud. Bring in customer data from your CRM, match it to your GA and DCM data with a key-value pair (like a transaction id), and voila! Now you can find Bob and your other most valuable customers in your CRM, use your linked GA and DCM data to see what channels and ads they were exposed to, and assign credit with attribution modeling.

Use this information to allocate more budget to the channels you just proved bring in your most loyal customers!

How are your best customers interacting with your website?

Now that you have your GA 360 and CRM data centralized in Google Cloud, answering this question is a piece of cake! Google Analytics tracks the website behavior of all your visitors, and you’ve already identified which of these visitors are the most important.

Do many of your best customers frequent certain pages or watch certain videos? Consider changing your website flow to drive more users to these pages, or model other parts of your website after these high performing pages.

Are some of your pages, videos, and content almost never viewed by your best customers? Consider reworking these pages to increase their effectiveness.

For example, if one of your product demo videos is often watched by high value customers before a big purchase, it’s probably contributing to increased brand loyalty and higher conversion rates. However, if very few of the site visitors who watch your video go on to become repeat customers, your video is not engaging your audience or driving conversions. Discovering this lets you rework your content to better connect with your target audience.

Use this information to optimize your website to increase brand loyalty and turn more of your visitors into Bobs.

What do your valuable customers have in common?

The best way to segment your audience (group your customers into segments based on common traits and behaviors) is with machine learning.

Running complex machine learning models on huge datasets requires a lot of computational power. Historically, the biggest barrier to entry of this kind of analysis was the cost and difficulty of building the in-house infrastructure to support this.

But wait! Your data is already centralized in Google Cloud. Let GCP manage the framework for you and let your data science team (or ours!) spend way more time building models and less time wrestling with infrastructure.

Find out what traits your most valuable customers share, and target audiences with these characteristics to build up an extremely loyal customer base.

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