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BookIt Moves New Users Down the Funnel with Dynamic, Data-Driven Creative

Susan Esparza   
April 25, 2018  
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BookIt increased new visitors to by 30%+, and digital revenue by 20%+

At DELVE, we’re passionate about helping brands win big through the smart use of data. When the team at BookIt, the largest privately owned travel company in the United States, came to us with a need to grow their brand through data-driven strategy, our team couldn’t wait to take on the challenge.

Together we designed a program that built brand equity and optimized media to site bookings across the entire funnel, while leveraging the specific advantage of dynamic and data-driven creative for relevant message delivery in real time.

Using Google Analytics 360 and DoubleClick, DELVE built and implemented a system for full funnel creative optimization that delivered hard ROI: BookIt increased new visitors to by 30%+, and digital revenue by 20%+.

We’re excited to share with you the results of that campaign in a new case study published by Google.

The Highlights:

  • Integration of Google Analytics 360 and DoubleClick for transparent reporting against the full customer journey
  • Customized audience targeting to specifically identify in-market travelers and probabilistically similar segments
  • Data Responsive Creative system built to deliver relevant messaging to the right person at the right time

Access the full case study below:

BookIt moves new users down the funnel with Google marketing stack and data-driven creative

BookIt is an online travel company specializing in all-inclusive vacations to the Caribbean and Mexico. They wanted to grow their business by reaching new users who hadn’t booked travel with them before. By starting at the very top of the funnel and investing in non-branded search, they were able to reach these users at a consistent cost per click (CPC).


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