Authentic Ads and Performance – Notes from CleanAds I/O

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May 24, 2016
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Delve participated today in the CleanAds I/O conference in New York City (

The conference was devoted to exploring the ways the Programmatic Advertising is working towards eliminating invalid. As reported by Integral Ads Sciences, in Q1 2016 8.3% of all ads may be “fraudulent”.

Interestingly enough, both Double Verify and Integral Ad Sciences (both vendors are used by Delve when managing programmatic for clients), focused their presentations less on fraud and more on view-ability and measurability of ads.

Fraud is a real issue, however, because it’s on average a very small share of the media mix, although it’s an issue that gets lots of media spotlight. Practically, it has little impact on marketing ROI. However, viewability, although much less in the spotlight, has potentially a bigger impact on engagement and ROI – if an ad cannot be viewed, it cannot performed.

Approximately 50% of all ads are currently (2016) viewable. We as an industry want to get to 100% viewability, but we are limited by measurability – if a publisher doesn’t report back to the advertiser where on the page is served, viewability cannot be measured. By some accounts, only 12% of all ad inventory is in fact measurable. Thus, setting viewability at 100%, or 80%, not only limits the targetable inventory to a sliver that’s actually viewable (a good thing), but it will potentially unfairly exclude inventory that’s not measurable but is still highly viewable.

At Delve, we believe in authentic advertising that increases awareness, consideration and conversion. We are excited to continue to take advantage of the best in class tools for fraud management, while focusing on programmatic advertising RoAS.

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